100 days left to the start of the first ever EUC in Water Polo


The activities for the EUC Water Polo Koper are currently continuing as planned. At this very moment we are expanding the organizer’s team and working on marketing, volunteers, schedules, venues, test matches and a million little things like extra ice creams. The devil is in the details, they say, but we are really trying to do our job as professionally as possible.


“There are a little bit more than three months to the start of the EUC and we are on schedule. Currently we are working on sponsors and promotion, getting together all the different materials, extending our team, searching for new volunteers, writing documents and signing contracts. There is a lot of paper work to be done, but for now everything is on time, so I’m confident that we will have a high level edition of the EUC in July,” says Seit Demiri, the leader of the EUC Koper 2019 organizers structure.  


Currently it seems most plausible that eight male teams will compete at the EUC Water polo Koper 2019. The wishes of the organizers team were to reach a higher number, but it is the first Water Polo EUC ever in history, so 8 will do just fine. One of the teams present at the competition will surely be the home selection of the University of Primorska. The main goal of this team will be, as Mr. De Courbertain suggested, not to win, but to take part.


Exactly the same time as the first EUC in Waterpolo will take place, the EUC 2019 in Beach Volleyball will be hold less than 1 km away from the Žusterna swimming pool. 24 female and 24 male teams will attend this competition. It is also worth to mention, that the last EUC which was held in the city of Koper was the Basketball EUC in 2015.