First victory for Lodz, second for the local team

The first day of the competition at the European Universities Championship in Waterpolo two games were played. We saw two different kind of matches and two different kind of victories.


The first match of the day was between the Lodz University of Technology and the Rhine-Westphalia Institute of Technology Aachen. After a tight battle the Polish team won the duel with a narrow difference - 16:14 (3:3, 5:4, 5:3, 3:4). The match was decided in the third quarter, the only with a difference of 2 goals. The Germans come close to equalize the result in the last part of the game, but after 13:12 the Lodz players controlled the game to the end.  


Aachen University, Peter Mathias Brocken: " I think it was a great game for us – with a team we have never seen before. It was a slow start, like with any opponent, we needed to [get to] know them. We wanted to try to play our tactics, but in the thirdquarter we went a little bit down. It remains on the tactic, so it was a very good game and they deserved to win. We just want to play the best water polo we can play. I don't know, there is so many good teams, we are so proud to be here at the European Universities Championships. We just want to show the other teams we can play water polo.The swimming pool? Oh we love it. It is so amazing, so beautiful! Playing with the sunset, everyone is so amazed. It's a very beautiful country."




Adrian Wulkiewicz, player, University of Technology of Lodz, Poland: "Well, might makes right [winners are not to be judged... ) In the beginning, we let the opposite team score many goals. It was a difficult start for us, but at the end, we took the lead. Ultimately, the final result was good. So we're ready for the next games, ready to fight and we will surely show a better perfomance than today. In Poland, we are used to playing in indoor pools. I think, in the beginning we were struggling a little bit with the lights and the opposite team wanted us to play their game. But in the third and fourth quarter, itwent our way."



The second match of the day was between the St. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje and the University of Primorska. The North Macedonian team lost the chances to win the match already in the second quarter and at the end the result was 4:15 (0:2, 1:6, 2:3, 1:4) for the Slovenian team.  


Captain of the Macedonian team, Tommy Kepevski: “Well, we were very tired, the way from Macedonia  took so many hours.Also, we don't have enough training – only two-three trainings for 15 days. And we missed today a very good player who got sick and couldn't come with us for the championships.”


Peter Vuk, player of the University of Primorska: The match was great. In the beginning we were not so good because we were not prepared well for the game. Then, in the second quarter we were better. Our goal is to win every match, maybe to score more and do better passes. The only team we fear is our team [laughing]. There's no team we are afraid of."