Heat or no heat, the activities are not stopping

The European Universities Championships in Beach Volleyball and Water Polo, which will be hosted in Koper between the 21st and the 27th of July, are already at the horizon.


While we are waiting for the city Olympic swimming pool to be reopened after maintenance work, there are currently more activities going on in the area of ​​the Beach Volleyball part of the competition.

Despite the heat of the last days, the organizers were (and still are) in the midst of intense work, both in terms of promotion, as well as in the purchase of equipment for venues and the organization of events.


Namely, special care will be provided for protection against heat. That's why we prepare tents for competitors, umbrellas for staff, ice creams and suitable amounts of drinking water.


In addition, there are already active showers in the new sports park and a specially refreshing jump to the sea is only a few meters away from the entrance to the venue.

 The organizers team also recorded several promotional videos in which we present the city of Koper, both European University Championships and at the same time we invite the local population to become part of the events.


And on our online channels, a series of presentations of teams from all over Europe, who will soon travel to Slovenia, have been featured for some time.