The first TOP guest of 2019 was the captain of the local Water Polo team

The University Sports Association of the Primorska region is well known for its various activities which include a series of public interviews with local top athletes. The first guest of the year 2019 was Rok Crnica, former member of the Slovenian Water Polo national team and current captain of the local team VD Koper Primorska.


Rok Crnica joined us at the Students centre of the University and as we expected, he was a very interesting interlocutor. Rok explained why is so important to always give the best of yourselves at every practice, why the working attitude is important for the study and why playing Water Polo can ease someone’s efforts to get a job. A large part of the public interview was dedicated to the differences between the life, study and playing Water Polo in Australia and the same activities in Slovenia.  


The former Slovenian national team member and recent winner of the last Slovenian Cup competition spent the last years in Sydney, where he was a member of the Drummoyne Water Polo Club. He also studied management ‘down under’ and become an operative director of three swimming pool complexes in Sydney.


The public interview was part of the efforts of the University Sports Association of the Primorska region to connect the local community, the students of the University of Primorska and the local sport sfere with the goal to promote Water Polo and especially the  European Universities Championship in Water Polo Koper 2019, which will be hold in July.