Third victory in three matches for Lodz and second in two matches for Budapest

On the third day of competition at the EUC Water polo Koper 2019 the University of Technology of Lodz defeated the University SS Cyril and Methodius from Skopje. The final score was 21:5  (9:0, 4:0, 4:3, 4:2).  The Polish showed again to be a competitive team. On the other side, the Northern Macedonian squad, at the third defeat in the tournament, played better the final part of the match, when all the 5 goals were scored.


Nikola Tomovski (University SS Cyril and Methodius of Skopje, North Macedonia): "We played better than yesterday, we tried to rest, but it was the third match in three day... so this is all we can give. Especially considering the preparation and the gaps with other team, it wasn't that bad. After we managed to score, everything went better: maybe not good yet, but better."


Wojciech Kotas (University of Technology of Lodz): “Yes, we are happy, we fulfilled all goals set by the coach. We started well, scored a few goals and then could control the whole game. We played defense well, like in yesterday's game. And also the counter-attacks were good. We have to improve a lot of things before the next game. But it's up to the coach to decide what we should focus on.”


The second match of Day 3 between the Techinal University from Aachen and the Budapest Business School was really tight. The final score was 10:12 (5:2, 1:4, 2:3, 2:3). The Hungarian team prevailed, but only in the last seconds. 3 minutes before the end the score was 10:10, but even after 3 sanctions in a row against the Budapest squad it was able to score 2 goals in the last minute for a very important victory. For the Business School of Budapest is the second success in two matches. The German team is still waiting for the first victory, but in both matches showed good performances.


Andreas Garancsy (Budapest Business School, Hungary): "It was a though game, both teams were tired. We don't want to speak about referee or public - we won and this is the only thing that matters for us. On the first day, when we arrived, we were impressed by the swimming pool, because we have never seen anything like this before. In Hungary we have many nice swimming pools, but this is near the sea, so it is beautiful. To play here is amazing".


Aly Elaassar (University of Aachen): "It was a perfect game, I cannot say anything. We made a great game, we learnt a lot, we have nothing to be ashamed of. We fought until the end, it just did not work out to win. I would say it was a good game for both teams actually. They are more experienced, I presume, but we fought until the end and that's the most important thing. . We lost two games in a row, but we don't go down easily. We lost two games, but we put a good fight and I look forward to the next two games."